Gibraltar has a rich history as a prominent hub for international banking services, dating back to the 19th century when banks were established to cater to the needs of traders and global commerce at the gateway to the Mediterranean.

In the present day, Gibraltar is home to a diverse range of banks, including large global institutions, specialized private and investment banks, and building societies. These banks offer a comprehensive range of modern financial solutions to meet their clients' needs across various areas of finance. Together, these institutions are represented by the Gibraltar Bankers Association (GBA)

Gibraltar-based banks prioritize compliance with the highest international and European standards and regulations governing the banking industry. The GBA maintains regular communication with the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission and the Government of Gibraltar, Gibraltar Finance, to collaborate and consult on the implementation of existing and forthcoming regulations.

Having operated for over 30 years, the Gibraltar Bankers Association has played a crucial role in supporting Gibraltar's thriving and stable banking sector. It aims to continue growing and forging partnerships with the international financial community, building upon solid foundations.

The primary function of the Gibraltar Bankers Association is as a representative body to promote Gibraltar's banking industry. This is achieved through various means, such as providing a unified voice for its stakeholders, offering platforms to address common issues, delivering appropriate training, and representing its members on the Gibraltar Finance Centre Council.

Gibraltar's economy and inflow of investments rely heavily on four key pillars: financial services, gaming, tourism, and the shipping industry. The economy consistently exhibits strong and sustained growth, thanks in part to Gibraltar's ability to remain at the forefront of the regulatory environment and uphold a culture of robust corporate governance. The availability of excellent local and international education at all levels ensures a high standard of professional expertise.

The regulation of banking services in Gibraltar is governed by the Financial Services (Banking) Act 1992, along with any subsidiary legislation associated with the Act. Capital requirements are outlined in the Financial Services (Capital Requirements Directive IV) Regulations (CRD IV).