Gibraltar Association for New Technologies (GANT)

The establishment of the Gibraltar Association for New Technologies (GANT) in October 2018 has played a significant role in promoting and supporting financial technology in Gibraltar. This blockchain-focused trade association serves as a platform for policymakers, regulators, professional firms, and educators to collaborate and exchange ideas

GANT has successfully facilitated communication between policymakers and the private sector in Gibraltar's rapidly evolving blockchain industry. By promoting knowledge sharing and fostering public trust, the association aims to enhance the reputation of the sector. The Hon. Albert Isola MP, Minister for Digital and Financial Services, highlighted the importance of GANT in aligning the blockchain community with the traditional financial services sector and addressing regulatory matters collaboratively

GANT's core objectives include upholding high professional standards within Gibraltar's blockchain sector and promoting the jurisdiction's finance industry on the global stage. The association works closely with the HM Government of Gibraltar, the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission, and the University of Gibraltar to foster the industry's growth through educational programs and partnerships

Individuals and corporate entities interested in joining GANT can apply for membership through the provided link By becoming a member, individuals gain access to personal development opportunities, educational programs, and networking events in the fields of Finance, Blockchain, and Distributed Ledger Technology. Corporate members also have the chance to collaborate with other members, public authorities, and professional bodies, and contribute to GANT's marketing and advocacy initiatives, which aim to support and nurture the growth of new technologies