The Economy

With its special terms of EU membership, Gibraltar provides an extensive selection of products and services that meet the requirements of both local and international investors. As a modern, vibrant, low tax jurisdiction, it likewise has first rate professional infrastructure that is fully compliant with European standards of regulation. The numerous international trading entities and financial services companies, which already have a base in Gibraltar, are testament to this.

The economy has often been described as one that is ‘running on all cylinders’. Its main economic growth attributers include general trade, the provision of financial services, communications, e-gaming, tourism and maritime activities.

· The Finance Centre – Banks, trust and company managers, insurance and reinsurance companies, funds, (both investment and alternative) together with high quality ancillary services such as accountancy, legal practices, communications and information technology providers have all made Gibraltar the first class international business hub that it is today.

· Tourism – Every year, around 10m visitors come to Gibraltar by air, land and sea.

· Maritime Services – Two vibrant factors of the economy that have brought prosperity to Gibraltar. Vessel bunkering, for instance, remains a longstanding and prominent sector.

· Gibraltar rightly enjoys an international reputation as a centre of excellence for e-gaming.

The prosperous economic performance of this unique European jurisdiction has been reflected in ways that benefit the whole community. These include greater recurrent public spending on essential public provisions such as health, education and social services. The Government attributes Gibraltar’s successful development to its pursuit and implementation of policies that create and sustain a stable environment that promotes increased levels of business activity and investor confidence.