Gibraltar Finance in China

16th January 2017

Gibraltar Finance in China

As part of the Government’s ongoing strategy to attract business to Gibraltar, Minister Isola travels to Shanghai and Nanjing this week for a series of meetings, presentations and seminars which will include State Owned Enterprises, Government Agencies and large companies. On Wednesday 18th January Minister Isola will host a financial services seminar at the British Consulate in Shanghai, which is being organised in conjunction with the China Britain Business Council.

Minister Isola also travels to Nanjing where he has been invited to address the senior insurance management team from offices across China of a global advisory, broking and solutions company. The following day Minister Isola will be meeting with a leading global information and communications technology solutions provider.

Minister Isola commented: “We have welcomed a number of Chinese delegations to Gibraltar over the past 12 months and this will be my second visit to China following on from a successful week in Beijing last October. There was an unprecedented level of investment by Chinese businesses in Europe in 2016 and the Government of Gibraltar is working hard to develop new channels and opportunities to attract Chinese firms to use Gibraltar as a hub for investing more widely in Europe.”

Following the visit Minister Isola commented “I am pleased that we continue to make progress in developing relationships with large corporations and that the series of meetings and presentations in both Shanghai and Nanjing were very well received. We have been asked and strongly encouraged to continue to develop closer relations with all the parties we met and work is ongoing to achieve this.

I am confident that Gibraltar can begin to develop into a hub for Chinese businesses with assets and operations outside of China. Our financial services sector offers opportunities for Chinese businesses in insurance, asset management and wealth management. Importantly, our system of common law and the breadth and depth of expertise of Gibraltar's legal and financial professionals adds to our market standing as a transparent, compliant and well-regulated financial centre. In trade and communications, we will continue to explore opportunities. The Government will be working hard to develop these new channels and further develop these relationships throughout 2017.”

Minister Isola was accompanied in China by Michael Ashton, Senior Executive Gibraltar Finance, Jason Cruz, Chief Executive of Gibraltar’s Office in Hong Kong and Bruno Callaghan, Managing Director of Callaghan Insurance Brokers.