Andreessen Horowitz to open UK office

26 Jun 23

In a recent announcement, venture capital heavyweight Andreessen Horowitz (#a16z) revealed that the UK will be the first strategic hub of operations outside of the US. This decision serves as a testament to their commitment to supporting the growth and innovation of #crypto and #blockchain technologies, and it undoubtedly marks a significant milestone for the emerging crypto jurisdiction in London.

In Gibraltar, a British Overseas Territory, we welcome this news. As technology develops and evolves, so too must the industry in which it is utilised. In order for advancements to occur, decision-makers must take the leap in recognising, implementing and regulating new technologies. A16z has seen this goodwill developing in the UK of late and has seized this opportunity for progress. A16z’s announcement, we suspect, will be the first of many similar to come.

As more jurisdictions compete for the highly coveted crypto hub status, like the United Kingdom and the European Union are doing, the true benefits of #DLT technology integration will become obvious, and moreover, so too will the strategic value of territories like #Gibraltar.

As more new and existing organisations bed in and find their home in the UK, they may draw from the DLT Providers regulatory framework in existence in Gibraltar since 2018. Tried and tested, we believe that others can benefit from the ground breaking policy approach to crypto established in Gibraltar.

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