Digital Skills Academy embraces Gibraltar eSports

21 Oct 22

The Gibraltar Digital Skills Academy continues to grow and develop.

Led by Stewart Harrison it has a very clear vision to close the digital skills gap across the board and promote greater development and opportunity in the journey to establish Gibraltar as a leading centre for excellence in digital skills. The Gibraltar Digital Skills Academy (part of the GDSF) is an innovative and flexible learning environment, bridging the education and industry gap. The Academy aims to close the gender, skills and technology gap through educational initiatives, training partnerships with various entities and working with the community at large to identify where we can help those in need.

The addition of Esports will offer another section of our community the opportunity to have a greater understanding of the different elements and disciplines that make up a competitive sports team. leads to a report by GBC News on an event arranged by Denise Matthews Startup Grind Gibraltar celebrating the 1st anniversary of the Academy and which was held on 12th October 2022.