IOSCO global regulatory standard

26 Jun 23

IOSCO calls for global regulatory standard for crypto.

We welcome the recent call by The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) to enact a global standard for crypto regulation.

Over the past year, the crypto industry has faced significant challenges relating to consumer protection and corporate governance. Regulatory ambiguity leaves gaps for bad actors to exploit, fuelling the negative sentiment toward a high-potential industry. To break this negative feedback, upholding market integrity and establishing global standards to safeguard investors is crucial.

Our pursuit here in Gibraltar aligns closely with the recommendations put forward by IOSCO. One year since the publication of our Market Integrity "10th core principle" and accompanying guidance note our dedication remains unwavering. Gibraltar requires high corporate governance standards for the crypto sector, with the firm belief that consumer confidence serves as the cornerstone for achieving global adoption.

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