Minister Feetham Visits Continent 8 Technologies’ Datacentre

29 Jan 24

Minister Feetham recently embarked on a visit to the Continent 8 Datacentre, nestled within the  historic COMCEN site within the Admiralty Tunnel. The tour included notable landmarks such as  the former NATO command centre and the Eisenhower room, where the then General Eisenhower  who would later become president commanded allied troops in Operation Torch, the Allied invasion  of French North Africa during the Second World War. 

Situated 500 meters deep within the Rock of Gibraltar, Continent 8 operates from a site originally  built and owned by the Ministry of Defence. Continent 8 offer server hosting facilities, cloud  hosting and multi-layered cybersecurity solutions, providing robust connectivity to more than 100  global locations via its unique private network, ensuring continuous service delivery, even in the  face of carrier cable failures. 

The datacentre accommodates many of Gibraltar's gaming companies that strategically split their  server needs between Continent 8 and Gibtelecom. This ensures redundancy for Gibraltar hosted  services, safeguarding against potential disruptions. The company also hosts the Government of  Gibraltar, having won a five-year contract running from June 2022 to June 2027. 

Minister Feetham expressed appreciation for the technological achievements showcased during  the visit, recognising Continent 8's role in reinforcing Gibraltar's position as a reliable hub for online  services. As Gibraltar continues to grow in importance in the tech sector, entities and key  infrastructure providers like Continent 8 are instrumental in building a resilient and secure digital  ecosystem.