Minister Nigel Feetham KC MP visits Argus Gibraltar

21 Mar 24

As part of his outreach programme, the Minister for Justice, Trade and Industry Nigel Feetham KC MP visited the offices of Argus Insurance at West One, at their invitation.

Argus is a general insurance company established in Gibraltar for many years, servicing the local market.

During his visit, Minister Feetham met with the management team and discussed the insurance needs of the local community (including the motor insurance sector) and the importance of ensuring sustainability and stability. Minister Feetham also requested and was allowed to engage with staff on a 1:1 basis, as is usual for him during these visits.

Argus Managing Director Alex Bonavia, said: “We were delighted to welcome the Minister to our new offices and to have had the opportunity to discuss first-hand the role that Gibraltar licensed insurers underwriting in the local market play in the overall stability of our economy. I also had the opportunity to chat with the Minister regarding the student placement scheme which Argus will be supporting, as we believe that nurturing and developing local talent is crucial to safeguarding the future of the insurance industry in Gibraltar.”

Minister for Justice, Trade and Industry, the Hon Nigel Feetham, said: “Visiting Argus Insurance was an insightful experience, highlighting the role played by experienced underwriters, supported by local staff and management teams, in meeting the insurance needs of Gibraltar's community. This is crucial not only for addressing the insurance needs of our community but also for safeguarding economic stability. Continued collaboration between the Government, the sector and stakeholders remains paramount as we navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead."