Nigel Feetham KC MP, Minister for Justice, Trade and Industry delivers keynote speech at GFSC Insurance Industry Event

12 Mar 24

The Minister for Justice, Trade and Industry, Nigel Feetham KC MP, delivered a keynote speech at  the recent GFSC Insurance Industry event, an annual gathering where the Gibraltar Financial  Services Commission presents its annual priorities to the financial services sector. This year's event  boasted record attendance and served as an invaluable platform for the regulator to engage with  stakeholders. 

During his address, Minister Feetham elaborated on Government policy and priorities for the  upcoming year, emphasizing the importance of protecting Gibraltar's macroeconomic interests and  safeguarding its socio-economic prospects. He highlighted the crucial role of collaboration between  the Government and regulatory bodies in achieving broader policy objectives. 

In his remarks, Minister Feetham expressed gratitude to the GFSC for its ongoing engagement with  the Government, particularly in the approval of the recently established cell to support the  Government's policy regarding the travel scheme for eligible elderly resident citizens. He  emphasised the significance of such collaborations in ensuring the smooth functioning of the  economy and the attainment of broader policy aims. 

The event provided a valuable opportunity for stakeholders to gain insights into Government policy  initiatives and regulatory priorities. Minister Feetham reaffirmed the Government's commitment  to working closely with regulatory bodies to drive forward Gibraltar's financial sectors and uphold  its reputation.