#ThinkGibraltar #ThinkFunds

30 Sep 19

Tim Haynes, Senior Executive with HM Government of Gibraltar, Gibraltar Finance.


The current focus is on making Gibraltar an even more competitive funds jurisdiction and to that end we are reviewing our funds legislation in partnership industry professionals. This legislative review will be instrumental in making Gibraltar a more competitive and attractive home for funds setting up in Gibraltar.


This year we have been very proactive in marketing our funds regime including hosting a series of highly targeted breakfast seminars in London supported by private meetings and group discussions with leading practitioners in the funds sector as well as large fund management companies. We will continue with this focused approach and look to attract funds business to Gibraltar continuing to develop the already strong relationship with industry and the Gibraltar Funds and Investments Association (GFIA).


Our crypto funds sector continues to gain traction and we are still global leaders in our crypto fund code of conduct. We have had a milestone year celebrating the Gibraltar Funds & Investments Association’s 20th anniversary, which is a tremendous achievement.


Our excitement about the future grows in particular with the tremendous advantage that having a single seamless market with the U.K. will bring us. Gibraltar funds, having guaranteed access to the U.K. market, is a great and unique opportunity for the industry and us.