InsTech in London: From MGA to Full Stack Insurer - Everything You Need to Know

29th March 2022

It is a good time to be a Managing General Agent (MGA). There has been significant growth both amongst the new generation of technology-enabled MGAs and traditional agencies. Inevitably, many of them are looking at the natural next stage of their evolution - becoming a full stack insurer.

This event will examine and discuss what that involves, including:

  • the regulatory and compliance implications
  • how much capital is needed and where to go to raise it
  • where to go for the relevant expert guidance
  • why there are so few new full stack insurers in the UK and what we can do to encourage more.

Michael Ashton, Senior Executive at Gibraltar Finance, HM Government of Gibraltar is delighted to be attending and speaking at the above event which will be held on Tuesday 29th March at The Steel Yard, London.

A strong speaker line up includes:

Matthew Jones, Partner, Anthemis

Rory Tanner, Government & External Affairs Manager, Insurtech UK

Christen Smith, Chief Revenue Officer, Flock

Martin Watson, Partner, PKF

Kenneth Underhill, Director, ICSR

Rachel Hillier, Partner, Capital Law

The event is sponsored by PKF and will take place at The Steel Yard in London.

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