Insurtech's Marshmallow & Zego: The New Breed of Fintech Startups Transforming Insurance

24th February 2021

Two of the most successful Insurtech startups in the UK, Marshmallow and Zego recently set up in Gibraltar.

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Two of the most successful Insurtech startups in the UK, Marshmallow and Zego recently set up in Gibraltar. For our February Fireside Chat, we are hosting Oliver Kent-Braham, CEO and Co-Founder of Marshmallow and Don McCormack VP of Growth at Zego to discuss their startup experience, evolution, and growth of the companies within the traditional and heavily regulated insurance industry, using technology to provide more accessible and economic insurance products, how to overcome the challenges and why Gibraltar fit their businesses. The discussion will be moderated by Michael Ashton the Senior Finance Centre Executive responsible for Insurance within Gibraltar Finance, with opening remarks delivered by Hon. Minister for Digital & Financial Services Albert Isola MP.

Established in 2018 Marshmallow is a technology company that builds affordable, easy to use insurance products. As well as offering its customers a digital experience it has developed a new approach to determining risk. It currently uses this approach to offer car insurance to people who will often be overpriced or overlooked by traditional insurers. Since launching under 3 years ago it’s grown to employ over 100 people, helps thousands of people find insurance every month and was most recently valued at over $300m. Marshmallow plans to build several other insurance products in several geographies.

Marshmallow had a clear requirement to find a location that would support their strategy of future expansion and set up in Gibraltar in December 2020. This will enable them to operate their new insurance company in an innovative jurisdiction that encourages and enables them to develop close working relationships in the region within the insurance market.

Zego has been in business for five years and focuses on providing insurance on a flexible basis for drivers working in the last mile delivery space, for companies such as Deliveroo. Since 2016, the team has embraced the challenge of removing barriers to live, work and travel however you please, for example offering insurance products to customers on a mile or hourly basisZego now provides simple, flexible policies via app, web, and phone, covering all kinds of enterprise at any size. The company continues to launch new products and expand into new countries and recently widened their scope to commercial fleets.

Zego chose to base their company, Extracover Insurance Company Ltd, in Gibraltar because of the friendly, fast paced start-up environment Gibraltar provides. Zego wanted to be able to operate and open as quickly as they possibly could. Gibraltar provided them with the right conditions for this, as well as an opportunity to work closely with a fast-moving, proactive regulator.


Join us for insights into a global vital industry being dynamically transformed by technology with Marshmallow & Zego.




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